The BNP Client Project 2019

What is the CLIENT Project?

     Rice production is the answer to the National call for rice self-sufficiency. It is clearly stipulated in the Republic Act 2084, otherwise known as The Rice and Corn Production Act, and states that “It is hereby declared to be the national policy to attain self-sufficiency in rice and corn at the earliest possible time and to provide adequate measures to insure permanent stability in the production of these…”With this commitment, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte timely signed the Rice Tariffication Law (RA 1203, takes effect on March 5, 2019), which will, in turn help farmers improve their profitability and competitiveness. This piece of law gives quantitative restriction on rice importation. The PROJECT CLIENT, which means acrostically as Convergence for Linking Investors and ENTerprises. The mechanism was simply conceptualized this way: The Company will collect the payment in exchange of Rice Produced by local farmers prior to the delivery of the abovementioned products. The amount in turn will be used to finance the Farming cost for each Farmer beneficiaries. In return of the Clientele’s goodwill, a reward system is thus developed. This System is very much supported by The Civil Code of the Philippines, in Article 1347 which says: “All things which are not outside the commerce of men, including future things, may be the object of a contract…” (Bold and Italics added for emphasis). And in Article 1461 of the same Code, says: “Things having potential existence may be the object of the contract of sale. The efficacy of the sale of a mere hope or expectancy is deemed subject to the condition that the thing will come into existence. The sale of a vain hope or expectancy is void…” (Bold and Italics added for emphasis). Thus, the premise of The PROJECT CLIENT will be sealed with a Purchase Agreement as its Legal Contract.


Among other Agro Industry projects, this is one of the basic yet so neglected in the country’s economic dynamism, which has the potential to address the following endemic problems:

  • Poverty and hunger
  • Rice shortage due to rice cartel and price manipulation
  • Rice traders oppression of farmers
  • Farmers lack of drive to produce due to overburdening debts
  • Worst of all, rice farmer themselves are experiencing hunger due to shortages


The Company intends to execute the project by:

  • Conducting farm assessment through our team of Agriculturists and Agronomists.
  • Laying down of a Doable Program with the farmers.
  • Providing the farmers with Farm Inputs (such as seedlings, organic fertilizers, organic pest control, and etc.)
  • Providing technical assistance and support base.
  • Assisting in harvest and post-harvest preparation.
  • Marketing rice produce.
  • Ensuring continuity of the cycle.


  • Caters to the ever increasing demand of rice supply nationwide.
  • Contribute livelihood in the community, particularly the rice farmer themselves, their families and, dependents.
  • Opens economic opportunities through local employment and environmental awareness as well as augmentation of the municipalities’ tax revenues where our projects are located.


The Company intends to market the Rice Products through

Its Valued Clients

Linkages with big Fast-food chains

Rice dealers/Retailers (within Luzon area, initially)

Local Rice Merchants (within Aurora Province)


The Company stands tall against its competitors since LDT Agro Industrial Hub Corp., is the producer of Farm Inputs for the farmers. We take pride with our capacity to manufacture those products and provide them to Client-Farmers with an agreement that their produce will be bought by the Company at Farm Gate price exclusively. On top of this, the Company stands on its Organically-produced rice of different variety – White rice, Brown rice, Red rice and Black rice.

White Rice

Brown Rice

Red Rice

Black Rice