Organic farming in the Philippines is still on its infancy stage. The national government has been promoting it to farmers for the last several years to minimize the chemical inputs and effects to our health. On the other hand, our farmers are seemingly not yet ready to embrace the principles and practices of organic farming despite the series of seminars, trainings and conferences on organic farming. It is the purpose of this project proposal to once again orient farmers on the importance of organic farming with Bio-NutriGREEN PROCEDURE using the state-ofthe-art advanced formula.


Armando G. Gabriel
President and CEO
Author of Bio-NutriGREEN PROCEDURE

The Company has its humble beginning as Leirbag Dnamra Trading (LDT) in 2009. It was established for agricultural supply Organic farming inputs business in Northern part of the Philippine Archipelago (region 2).

LDT President Armando Gabriel decided to offer organic inputs and incorporated them in its services the supervision of farming technology for better yield.

A year after, LDT decided to take over the whole operations that included the exclusive distributions and management of the manufacturing process of the products.

The penetration became overwhelming by creating a technical team in handling the technical department under actual farm supervision. That includes seminars and orientations.

In 2011, the LDT President created a project known as Bio-NutriGREEN PROCEDURE. Under this project, a technical department was formed and composed of technical field officers known as Bio-TERMS, otherwise known as Territorial Expansion Research Management Support-system.

He also created the Bio-TELE (Technical SErvices CentraLized SystEms-Analysis) program for an open line communication access of the registered participants of the program.