LDT Agro Industrial Hub Corporation

Company Overview

          LDT Agro Industrial Hub Corporation has been existing and at the forefront of Agro Industry since 2009. Its home-developed and innovated technology has been field-tested with unprecedented success compared to its competitors in the industry. This is made possible under the banner of Bio-NutriGREEN PROCEDURE – a complete package of Business and Advocacy towards Nation-building.


          Among other equally time honored Filipino Values, the Company adheres to the following Core Values:

  • Leadership-by-example – We dare to Walk the Talk in every way.
  • Diligence – We never stop until it is done the excellent way.
  • Transparency – We conduct business in a ‘we’ve-got-nothing-to-hide’ philosophy.
  • Accountability – We are what we said we do.
  • Integrity – Who we are is what we sell.
  • Heart – When we do it, we do it with passion.
  • Creativity – We don’t settle for a second best.